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Our Services

Contract to Close  


  • Coordinate opening of the file with escrow and handle all documents securely.

  • Introduction email will be sent providing a timeline of deadlines with a copy of the executed contract to coop-agent, buyer/seller - (Your client as appropriate) lender and title company.

  • Ensure everything is fully executed with dates, initials, and signatures.

  • Submit all required contract documents to broker for compliance.

  • Send/request disclosure packages and gather signatures if needed. 

  • Ensure the lender, title company, and broker receive any amendments or changes to the contract. 

  • Verify Earnest Money deposit and obtain receipt from escrow. 

  • Remind agent of inspection deadlines. 

  • Keeping in contact with the title company and lender throughout the transaction. Provide agent email updates on the status of the transaction keeping you informed. 

  • Update deadlines due to any changes in the contract. 

  • Order Home Warranty per contract if needed. 

  • Order HOA documents if needed. 

  • Monitor appraisal timeline and completion with the lender. 

  • Coordinate and monitor buyers loan status with lender. 

  • Ensure your buyer/seller is provided a copy of all documents. 

  • Draft Commission Disbursement and send to agent for approval. Commission Disbursement MUST BE approved by agent before submitting to escrow and compliance.

  • Upload all disclosures, documents, and reports into agents online transaction management service as they are received or fully executed throughout the transaction. 

  • Maintain constant contact with all parties involved for status updates as well as outstanding items. 

  • Verify escrow has all required documentation. 

  • Send signing appointment email to client if requested by agent. 

  • Conduct a final audit of file 7 days prior to closing to ensure all documents are uploaded and the file is complete. 

  • Upload Final HUD/ CD to online transaction management service for compliance.

Agent Expectations 

  • Review preliminary title reports.

  • Review escrow Instructions and settlement statements.

  • Negotiate repairs and any changes to the contract.

  • Advise the client of any contingency timeline removals (we will remind all parties of the dates and timeframes in the introductory email).

Fee Schedule 

  • Contract to Close: $450.00

  • Paid at closing via escrow or check from agent.

File Auditing and Broker Compliance

If you find yourself overwhelmed with gathering all the documents and disclosures for your broker’s compliance, we can take care of that for you. 


Fee Schedule:

  • File Auditing and Broker Compliance: $150.00

  • Paid upon completion via online or check from agent.

Loan Signing Services (NJ only)

  • Meet with borrowers to guide them through the loan signing process, ensuring all documents are signed and notarized correctly.

  • Verify the identity of borrowers and witnesses.

  • Notarize the loan documents as needed.

  • Ensure that all loan documents are complete and accurate, and that all required signatures and initials are obtained.

  • Review loan documents for errors or discrepancies, and work with the lender or title company to resolve any issues.

  • Collect any required fees or payments from borrowers.

  • Return the signed and notarized loan documents to the lender or title company in a timely manner.

  • Maintain accurate records of loan signings and transactions.

  • Stay up-to-date on changes to mortgage loan regulations and requirements.

  • Provide exceptional customer service to borrowers, lenders, and other parties involved in the loan signing process.

Fee Schedule:

  • Loan Signing Services: $200.00

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