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Streamline Your Real Estate Transactions

From Contract to Close, We've Got Your Back!

Discover how Cardinal Closings can help you manage multiple transactions and all compliance documents with ease. Our experienced team is dedicated to streamlining your workflow and maximizing your success. Leverage your time and focus on growing your business and meeting new clients!

Take Your Real Estate Business to the NEXT LEVEL


Our comprehensive transaction coordination services are designed to streamline your workflow and maximize your success. Our experienced team is dedicated to managing your documents and ensuring smooth real estate transactions.

Contract to Close

Our contract to close service provides comprehensive transaction coordination support from start to finish, so you can focus on aquiring new deals!

Broker Compliance Only

Our broker compliance and file auditing service ensures that your real estate transactions are compliant with your broker and state regulations, giving you peace of mind and reducing risk.

Loan Signing

Our loan signing service provides professional and efficient notary services for mortgage loan documents, ensuring a seamless closing process for your clients.

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